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About us - Thena Biotech

About us


Thena biotech is a private Italian that develops novel biotherapeutics based on the human ferritin protein with unique healing properties targeting cancer diseases. Our aim is to provide the base for further clinical development of unique therapeutic drugs for neoplastic unmet medical needs (possible orphan drug designation). Head office is in Latina (Lazio, Italy).


The project aims at the exploitation of novel nanomedicine platforms in order to achieve versatile tools for cancer therapeutic purposes. Our project is focused on the therapy of life-threatening cancers that represent unmet medical needs such as sarcoma, triple-negative breast, colorectal and pancreatic cancers. Selective delivery of therapeutic agents to diseased sites represents a major challenge to improve the outcome of current therapy.

The novel platform of unique drug carriers is based on engineered human ferritins capable of selective tumor targeting properties.